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Acne Products

  • Promote a Blemish, Acne Free Radiant, Complexion
  • Unclog Pores, Detoxify and Decongest Oily Prone Skin
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Refreshed 

Mature & Dry  Products

  • Instantly Hydrate and Moisturize
  • Reveal a Younger & Radiant Complexion
  • Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Leaves Skin Soft & Dewy

Even Skin Tone Products

  • Promote a Smooth Even Tone Complexion
  • Great for All Skin Types
  • No Hydroquinone
  • All Natural

All Products 

  • All Natural & Organic
  • No Hydroquinone 
  • Fragrance and Dye Free
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • No Sulfates or Paraben

Cleansers / Exfoliants

  • Powerful Deep Pore Cleansing Action
  • Safe for Daily Cleansing
  • Gentle Exfoliation to Reveal Brighter, Youthful, Radiant Skin

Tonics / Tonors

  • Instantly Refreshes and Revitalizes
  • Help Promote an Acne Free Complexion
  • Immediately Calms and Soothes 
  • Alcohol Free


  • Quickly Restores Hydration and Balance
  • Promotes a Blemish Free Complexion
  • Instant Firming Action
  • Energizes for a Brighter Even Skin Tone


  • Immediately Hydrates
  • Leaves Skin Soft and Supple
  • Light and Heavy Weight Formulas
  • Absorbs Quickly 

Sunscreen & Masks

  • Instantly Clears and Eliminates Zits !
  • Gently Detoxes Skin
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Non Greasy, No White "Ashy" Residue

home facial kits 

  • Boost Your Skin Care
  • Get Professional Results at Home
  • Do-It-Yourself Monthly Facials
  • Put Your Skin on the Fast Track 

body butters

  • All Day, Long Lasting Moisture 
  • Infused with Botanicals & Vitamins & Herbal Extracts 
  • Absorbs Quickly Without Greasy Residue
  • Scented and Unscented

skin care kits

  • "3 Days to Beautiful Skin" Sampler Kits
  •  Acne Care Starter Kit
  •  Even Skin Tone Starter Kit
  •  Anti-Aging Starter Skin Kit


I am amazed at how beautiful my wife's skin has become since she has been using your products !  I always thought she was beautiful, but her skin is absolutely radiant !  She is glowing !  I love my woman to look natural without makeup and since she has been using your products; she started using less and less.  Now she does not wear it at all !  Thank you Natural Skin Junkie.   
-V. Clark, St. Louis

Wow! the Oil Control Cleanser is purple...that's different ! Very pretty.  I only used a little and it cleaned very well !  I followed your instructions by wetting my face and applying the product with circular motions.  My skin felt REALLY clean afterwards... Well my face felt like I had a face lift.  It was tightened and brighter and it didn't look like I had oil on my face at all !  I did the same routine the next morning, by noon I still did not have to blot oil as I usually do !
-E. Perry, St. Louis, Missouri

You see I was a makeup girl. I always thought I needed to wear it everyday even to the grocery store.   Since I've been using your products, I have gained the confidence to go without wearing makeup more and more.   The other day went to makeup my face and I could not believe how cakey and dull it made my skin look.  For the time since I can remember, my skin looks better without makeup than it does with makeup.    The funny thing is my bare skin is so smooth and bright, it looks like I'm wearing makeup even though I'm not.

M.Womack, St. Louis